It is with joy that we wish to share with you what the Holy Spirit has done in the lives of hundreds and thousands of people in Sri Lanka.

You will encounter persons young and old sharing experiences of the Invisible Reality that people down the ages have called God. They will share with you, what they have begun to see with what one may call the “Inner Eye”. The inner eye once touched by the Holy Spirit of God open their eyes to vistas of sheer Power and Beauty.

They would behold a piece of bread and exclaim: “This is the body of Jesus Christ”. They would feel someone touching their heads or make a sign on their foreheads and they would say the hand of Jesus touched them; they would experience marital love as a husband and wife and they would tell you that it was an experience of the love of the Triune God. They would speak of the Eternal Father who loves His Son and the Son who reciprocates. They would recognize the Holy Spirit as the relationship of love between them.

The Pubuduwa began in 1971. We recall with love, gratitude and thanksgiving the support received by His Eminence Cardinal Thomas Cooray. The Pubuduwa was not started or founded by anybody. It’s something that happened. This happening still on, has spelt the transformation of a multitude of specifically the Catholics in Sri Lanka. It continues to lead very ordinary people involved in just ordinary mundane temporal activity to touch the deeper reaches of Contemplative prayer even though not hemmed in within four walls.

The Pubuduwa has been instrumental in making the Bible and the Seven Sacraments come alive in their lives. Doctrinal Faith has become vibrant, trusting, expectant Faith, and more, every visible reality, every human event, every human action is seen as carrying a sacramental value in that the created, the temporal, the ordinary is no longer eschewed as preventive or stifling but rather as promotive of a deepening experience of God.

The Pubuduwa is a partner with others in the ongoing renewal of the Catholic Church. It enjoys with the Catholic Church a “Living Tradition” of what the Holy Spirit has taught her for the last 2000 years, since the New Testament was written. It takes a stance of obedience to the Teaching Authority of the Catholic Church lest it get lost in private interpretations of Scripture and mislead those who are called. The Pubuduwa communities are the Church – the people of God, witnessing to a life that purposes to be a challenge to the value system of a society growing increasingly consumerist, starkly individualist and devoid of meaning at any depth.

It caters to the spiritual needs of the Sri Lankan expatriates living abroad, especially the domestic aides and other workers in the middle-east.

As a renewal movement in Sri Lanka, its thrust is on the Kingdom of God (Love) proclaimed, explained and witnessed by Jesus. Therefore the Pubuduwa considers it an obligation and a matter of commitment to promote the cultural values that have been Sri Lanka’s heritage of more than 2500 years of recorded history fed by the great religions of the world, predominantly Buddhism.

This web-site expects to bring you a loving Word that comes in and through the lives of people. We call upon you to click in as opportunity offers to drink from the waters of life. We call upon The Lord to bless you and keep you in His Loving Care. May the Eternal Father, who shares the Holy Spirit with all of us, lead you into all Truth, through Jesus the Word made flesh. May the Lord be with you today, now and forever.


Rev. Fr. Oscar Abayaratne
Kithu Dana Pubuduwa