This is a five-day retreat of 18 talks conducted as a resident retreat where the participants are directed to a knowledge of God's love towards man through all experiences of a Christian life. This retreat which flows from Genesis to the end of time enlightens the participants to become aware of and experience the love of God which is unconditional, priceless and loyal. Participation in this retreat has been made compulsory for all members of the Kithu Dana Pubuduwa. This retreat has been titled The Bible Retreat or "The retreat on the revelation of God's love".

Included in the contents of this retreat are the following: The whole vision of salvation history that is presented in the Bible from the book of Genesis upto the book of revelation, the description of how the people of God in the old and new testament experienced the various aspects of God's love, the description of the countless features of the love of God. This helps in preventing the taking of verses randomly from the Bible to giving wrong interpretations.