• Let us enter The Upper Room
    and Move to The Rhythm of The Holy Spirit!
    (Acts 1:8,14)
  • 51 years
    of journeying
    with the Holy Spirit
  • Kithu Dana Pubuduwa
    The Apostolate of Renewal
  • A Prayer Movement
  • A Marian Movement
  • A Movement of the Holy Spirit
  • Concurrently
    Apostolic & Contemplative
  • A Movement of the Word of God
  • A Lay Movement
Shortly About us

Welcome to Kithu Dana Pubuduwa!

Rev. Fr. Oscar Abayaratne who became an instrument in the hands of the Holy Spirit in building up the Kithu Dana Pubuduwa states as follows: “ The Pubuduwa came into existence not through human constitution, planning nor programming but through what God himself designed within my mind and heart. The beginning of the Pubuduwa cannot be said to have occurred on a particular day of the month and year. It might have been towards the end of May 1971. The Pubuduwa “happened” to the surprise of many people.

Sharing on Prayer

December 2022

“Come Lord Jesus, come” should be the yearning of our hearts these days. He is come, He will come, He comes today and every day.

He came in the flesh 2000 years ago. He will come, else the world will have no future. He is coming today is the challenge that is before me.

Come Lord Jesus come here and now at this moment and hour. You’ve to come unceasingly until the hour strikes, the end comes and the new has begun.

Holy Spirit keep my mind and heart awakened to this mighty revelation.

An extract from the spiritual diary of
Rev. Fr. Oscar Abayaratne
Hymn Pubudu Geethanjali Kithunu Gee Play
Enna Yanna Ma Ha 92 57
Premaya We Uthum 112 66
Mage Jeewanayama 18 170
Nil Thana Golle 26 176

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