Someone who joins the Kithu Dana Pubuduwa gets Baptised in the Holy Spirit and receives the experience of renewal by participating in the Pubuduwa Initiation talks and commitment. These are held as small groups and at community level. The purpose of the initiation talks which are conducted to direct the participants from the experience of encountering the Risen Lord Jesus Christ and committing their entire lives to the Lordship of Him is the enlivening the baptismal calling and that of the sacrament of Confirmation.

The Initiation talks

This Series Of Talks Consist Of Eight Talks. Their Themes as Follows:

# Theme
First Talk Jesus Christ is alive. Encounter Him
Second Talk He can be encountered in unity.
Third Talk The gift received by those who encounter Christ is "Life"
Fourth Talk Emptying
Fifth Talk Moment to Moment living
Sixth Talk Jesus Christ is the Shepherd
Seventh Talk Prayer
Eighth Talk The Abandoned Christ

At the end of the series of these talks a deep repentance service is conducted and a direction is given for a sincere spiritual repentance. The spiritual nourishment thus received inspires them to receive the sacrament of reconciliation. The offering of their lives to the lordship of Jesus Christ and accepting Him as the only precious jewel of their lives takes place during the celebration of the final Holy Mass.

This has been named as “The Initiation Talks and the Commitment Service” Through these Initiation Talks a foundation is laid for the living of a deep Christian life. The final aim of this process is the repeated experience of the Pentecost, experiencing renewal, encountering the risen Lord like the early Christians and living as a community.

There are Four Characteristics seen in the Renewed Lives of those who made The Commitment.

  • The Thirst for Personal Prayer
  • To live a life of Praise
  • Gazing at Jesus Christ through reading and reflecting on the Holy Scriptures
  • Evangelization –
    i.e. gifting Jesus Christ to others; Sharing the experience of encountering Christ; Fulfillment of Christian duties and responsibilities towards the family, community and society making our own the vision of the Lord.

The vision of our Lord was journeying from the experience of human sonship to that of claiming the legacy of divine sonship and the proclamation of God's Kingdom to the people.

Present Activity

At present the Initiation talks and the Commitment Session is in demand by various Parish Priests for their parishioners and by the Pubuduwa membership for those whom they have "evangelised".

The Four Assistance Talks

Four talks called Assistance Talks are given to deepen the experience received through the Initiation Talks. In these Talks assistance is given to create more awareness and deepen the four features of Renewal namely, praise, prayer, reading of holy scriptures and evangelization. This program is also directed at experiencing and deepening the theological virtues of Faith, Hope and Love.