The Kithu Dana Pubuduwa is unique as an Apostolate of Renewal because it has not confined itself to directing its membership towards personal holiness alone. In addition it is a Peoples Movement of the Holy Spirit which promotes a life of prayer and praise. A true Christian is able to obtain salvation only by loving God and by living a life of love in community with one's neighbor. The features of a life of praise in action in the Pubuduwa is the love of the nation, society and the local culture and specially incarnating with the life of the poor. A renewed Christian is one who deeply loves the nation and the society.

The Vatican II teachings broadly stressed the need to love the society. Swamy thaaththa pioneered this revolutionary concept in Sri Lankan society through the people of the Kithu Dana Pubuduwa.

According to a research done by the German Professor Marc Steen he writes in his 'course notes on Practical Ecclesiology' -That “the pioneer of the Renewal in Asia is the Kithu Dana Pubuduwa”. He has further stated that a special feature not seen in other 'Renewal Movements is that in addition to the other five features is the vision regarding Social Justice. In other words it is the positive influence it has on the life of society and especially the love and care shown to those who are poor.

Rev. Fr. Aloysius Pieris a theologian based in Sri Lanka has stated in a book written by him that "He always admired and praised the Kithu Dana Pubuduwa because through the special enlightenment received by the Holy Spirit it became the very first renewal movement which got involved in and made an impact on the social problems that prevailed in society".

The challenging revealation that “engaging in politics is a deep act of love” came from Pope Paul VI. Our founder priest Swami thaththa, in order to put this word into action conscientized the people of the Pubuduwa over half a century to become pioneers in this. It is all but right to describe at least concisely some of the occasions that the Pubuduwa witnessed to Christ in relation to social problems.

Kithu Dana Pubuduwa at its beginings in 1971 came forward to offer assistance to the thousands of youth who had become hopeless due to the insurrection that took place to get their lives back to normalcy. The Kithu Dana Pubuduwa made their voice echo strongly against the following situations

It raised its voice

  • Against the corruption seen in the conduct of the 1977 parliamentary elections and post election violence that took place.
  • Against the Executive Presidency Constitutions
  • Against the 'Open Economic Policy'
  • Against the Public opinion poll to extend the term of the Parliament.
  • Against the happenings of the 'Black July'
  • Against the Indian 'invasion'
  • Against the terrorism that took place in 1988-89

The Pubuduwa also took part in activities to protest against the following:

  • Took part in a "Way of the Cross" in December 1990 to protest against the putting up of the "Voice of America" radio station which threatened the national social cultural wellbeing of the surrounding neighborhoods. This activity was done in cooperation with His Lordship the late Rt. Rev. Dr. Frank Marcus Fernando the then Bishop of the Chilaw Diocese.
  • In 1991 took part in the activities organised by the Reverend Buddhist monk the Inamaluwe Sumangala thera, in charge of the Rangiri Dambulu viharaya temple to protest against the building of a hotel on the bank of the Kandalama tank which had a hereditary value.
  • In 1993 took part in the protest at the destruction of the Unawatuna nature reserve.
  • In 1999 took part in activities to protect the “Eppawala phosphate deposit”

Recognising the importance of protesting as a large representative group of citizens rather than individually our founder priest got together” and took the lead with the Ven. Maduluwawe Sobitha of the Kotte Nagaviharaya to organise other Buddhist, Hindu, Islam and Catholic Christian religious leadership to join hands in forming the “All Religions Solidarity Alliance” The challenge posed to those who join was to turn around to living according to the Dharmic Principles of the main religions and to a life of simplicity (Alpeichcha).

Considering the year 1994 as a decisive moment in the journey of Party Politics the Kithu Dana Pubuduwa was also responsible for ending the destructive 17 year government. They also took steps to protest against the “Devolution of Power package” proposed by the new government which came to power. They also contributed towards the popularising of the scheme to free the poor nations from the weight of heavy debt to mark the 2000 year Jubilee of Christ. The Kithu Dana Pubuduwa also joined the protest against a "water tax" that originated in Hambanthota and also concientized the public regarding the importance of protecting the supremacy of the Supreme Court.

Without succumbing to shortsighted, opportunistic political methodologies and political ideologies, and giving due recognition to the true status of our nation a document titled "To See a new Earth..." was presented to scholars and intellectuals and invited them to come up with a new constitution based on the "dharmic" principles of our main religions. This prophetic word was presented again with more developments to the candidates of the 2015 presidential election.

Those who were elected to the presidency on the promise of getting rid of the presidential system failed to keep their promise. Therefore together with Maduluwawe Sobitha thero of the Kotte Nagaviharaya a large program was organinsed with the participation of mass organizations and intellectuals to implement the 19th amendment to the constitution which included the proposal to dilute the powers of the executive presidency.

Further more the Kithu Dana Pubuduwa throughout its fifty year history was never backward nor had second thoughts about helping those in distress due to natural disasters such as the Tsunami, floods, Severe dry weather, and other distressing situations due to the war, and also due to problems faced due to the Corona epidemic; they have been helped generously in cash and kind.