The Board of Advisors is formed with those who had completed their service in the Divesi Ekathuwa and once their term of service is over. The main task of the Board of Advisors is to help Divesi Ekathuwa by helping them in some way based on the experience and wisdom gained through one's journey while serving in the Divesi Ekathuwa. What is expected of them is in a certain way to oversee the tasks of the Divesi Ekathuwa. Here it is required to see whether the decisions are made in conformity to the Pubudu vision, Charisma and the teaching magesterium of the Church and thus to engage in a dialogue and guide them on the correct path.

Although the Board of Advisors can get together as a small community and conduct prayers and make intercession for Divesi Ekathuwa they cannot make decisions or carry them out. And also they cannot influence the decision making of Divesi Ekathuwa.

Yet, when and if Divesi Ekatuwa consults the Board of Advisors before decision making they can contribute at the level of counseling.

Consists of:

  1. Four members
  2. Since it consists of four members only every time new members join in one or several members should leave.


  1. Based on their experience and maturity they are expected to counsel the Divesi Ekathuwa whenever necessary.
  2. While the current Divesi Ekathuwa should consider the counsel given they are not obliged to carry them out.
  3. Every time the National Discernment Group gathers the Advisory Board members are to be included.