Our loving founder directed his attentionon the widows who were left helpless after the death of their husbands and introduced widowhood as a gift of God, received without asking and inspired them to commit themselves to the service of God's kingdom whilst experiencing the identity of divine sonship.

The vocation of the Sumandhi Mothers'section is to help the widows to claim the good news that "God Who loves us is with us" when they experience deep loneliness in the midst of severe challenges. They are directed to accept and value widowhood as a “gift received without asking”.

The founder priest explained the Sumandhi state using the first three letters in the sinhala word sumandhi.

Su - The Holy Spirit's
Ma - intercession
dhi - DaughtersCommited to the good news

The community of the widows which began in 1987, calling themselves the Marian community gathered togather every second friday at Sri Prasansaramaya at which they received a spiritual guidance from Swami thaaththaa which helped them immensely. From 1998 several rallies for widows were held at Sri Prasansaramaya and since 2007 a widows rally was held annually at Sri Prasansaramaya.

The special vocation of the widows section is a life of intercessory prayer. They are called to bring glory to God's kingdom through their witnessing through Intercessory prayer. The love and respect of the widows who received the name of Sumandhi mothers and received the vocation of being daughters of intercession will always be with Swami thaaththa.