When talking about the above topics “The Pubudu Press” cannot be forgotten. It has performed a prophetic mission for a number of decades by carrying out printing services, not for commercial purposes but 100% to spread the good news of the Kingdom of God. Almost all the Pubuduwa publications are printed at the Pubudu Press.

For more than almost thirty years, the booklet Walk in the Spirit in all three languages containing the daily scripture readings of the Catholic Church with a short meditation is the only such publication printed in the whole of South Asia. In that way the Pubudu Press has had the blessings of the Holy Spirit. Since 1988 for many years members of the Pubuduwa and many Christians outside the Pubuduwa have used this booklet as an aid to their prayer. The first issue of the Walk in the Spirit had come out in December 1983. The 464th issue of the Walk in the Spirit has come out in July 2022.

During the initial stages what was included in it were the teachings given by Swami thaaththa and the experiences of the membership of the pubuduwa. From the 10th issue the publication came together with a preface. Now there is a direction to gaze at Jesus in relation to the readings of the day (Enlightened Awareness) and an assistance to think about our response as those called to divine sonship is incuded in the meditation for the day. As of now a team of fathers, mothers, boys and girls who are on a spiritual journey in the Pubuduwa make contributions in writing to the Walk in the Spirit.

The "Sharing on Prayer" published in the Walk in the Spirit is an assistance for prayer to those who read it. Many are the readers of Walk in the Spirit who express their pleasure for the Sharing on Prayer because of the positive influence it has on their lives.Swamy thaaththa initially contributed by writing the Sharing on Prayer but now that he has departed, we share an extract from his spiritual diary. The Cover Story is written in relation to the 'Cover Picture' and also in reference to the Sharing on Prayer.

The Walk in the Spirit magazine that is issued by the Pubudu Press is distributed by the relevant service appointed in each community for the purpose once it is obtained from the main distribution centre at Sri Prasansaramaya. It is also available at our main centres for purchase. As at present an amount close to 30,000 of the Sinhala book "Sudathum Gamana" , 2000 copies of the Walk in the Spirit and 3000 copies of the Tamil book "Thuya Aviyil Payanam" is being printed. These magazines are made available not only to readers locally but also to those abroad. It is also available for reading and listening over the Internet