From among the the services that were present at the initial stages of the Kithu dana Pubuduwa inner healing developed as a part of the Healing Ministry. When people came to meet swami thaaththa with their problems of life disturbing the relationships within families like for instance, anger, suspicion, inability to accept each other, inability to love each other, he found that the reason behind was some past hurt. Because of this no amount of firm decisions taken, no amount of prayer was of any help. The solution was to permit the power of the Risen Lord to erase the painful experiences and memories that were instilled in their minds causing this situation. In the process of 'Inner Healing' those who were experiencing this situations were helped to visualise the Risen Lord coming and touching those incidents and healing them and also helping them to forgive and free those who were the cause of those hurt feelings.

It was observed that those who came for inner healing had experiences a definite change in their lives enabling them more freedom in their activities. Illnesses like gastritis and anxiety were healed. Even some cancers were healed.

The inner Healing program was made up of four sessions. The first three sessions on the first day were directed at conducting a session of redemption followed up by personal counselling given to each participant. An opportunity is afforded for the participants to receive the sacrament of reconciliation. The priest in attendance is called upon to recite the official exorcism prayer. The following day the inner healing program is brought to a close through a session of praise and worship. Through this program many of the participants experienced liberation from being held captive by various human weaknesses, divided families were united and some even experienced physical healing.

At present this program is being conducted once every two months at the Sri Prasansaramaya or at another community. There are about 30 counsellors who offer services to the people through gathering them in groups in the various communities for prayer and counselling. We have been informed that those couples who participate in this inner healing program before marriage lead a successful married life. Except Jesus Christ and the Blessed Mother everyone else are affected by inner wounds. The way of salvation from inner wounds is through the blood of Jesus shed on the cross.