By 1975 quite a number of young girls had joined the Pubuduwa journey. As they grew as a young girls section, they were divided into two age groups according to their life- experiences. Accordingly those who were above the age of 30 years were classified as the “Elderly girls” and at their monthly meetings they were given teachings to help them face the problems special to them. After awhile the Founder Priest gave them the name “Surandhi” in 1985. In his teachings to this group he said that being unmarried is also a vocation. Further that this vocation is an invitation to journey being in the arms of God. He also stated that the unmarried life is by no means an accident but a state of life ordained by God. It is indeed a vocation. But the life of the “Surandhi” is a journey of accepting the Risen Lord as the bridegroom, experienceing God and walking in the Spirit keeping complete faith in God. It can be said that through the nourishment and strength obtained from the community the “Surandhi” experience an inner joy and freedom in their lives.

Each letter of the word Surandhi in sinhala give rise to several inspirational meanings:

  • "Su" Commited to the good news
  • Bound to the good news
  • Experiencing fellowship
  • Witnessing to beauty
  • An answer to the lack of security

  • "Ra" Dependence should be in the Word of God
  • Dependence should be in the hands of God
  • Dependence should be in a life of prayer
  • Dependence should be in the faith in the Blessed Sacrament

  • "Dhi"- life - together with the Community at the Foot of the Cross

At the beginning the Surandhi sisters undertook certain services in the communities. Some of them are resident as full-timers in the communities. At this time about 10 Surandhi sisters are resident at Sri Prasansaramaya engaged in various services.