1996 was the year of the “Silver Jubilee” of the Kithu Dana Pubuduwa. Our Founder priest preaching on “Letting Go” the theme of that year introduced a special invitation to all the people of the Pubuduwa. That was for those who wished to commit themselves 100% to the Kingdom of God in the Pubuduwa – married couples, youth (male and female), spinsters and widows, to join the “Sabandhi Sangaya”. In this way the journey of the Sabandhi Sangaya commenced. Those who could be members in it were: Married couples, Widows, Youth (male and female), and Spinsters. They were those who were prepared to be fully faithful and commited to the Pubuduwa way of life, those who were willing to give 100% of their lives for the kingdom of God , and those who were thirsting and willing to respond to the Charisma of the Pubuduwa through the life at the foot of the cross.

Those willing to respond to the invitation of the Lord Jesus Christ : "Deny yourself and come follow me" (Mark 8: 34), and accordingly accepting the charism of the Pubuduwa as their way of life and thus bearing witness to it are those included in the 'Sabandhi Sangaya' and are members of the Kithu Dana Pubuduwa. The special features of members of the Sabandhi Sangaya are their faithfulness to the charisma of the Kithu Dana Pubuduwa, their submission to the will of God, commitment to the Kingdom of God, and living a simple life-style.