It is a four day retreat about the Blessed Mother, the Catholic Church, and the incorporation of the teachings of the Church to ordinary life. It is held on the 12th, 13th, 14th, and 15th of August. It presents God's action in the life of the Blessed Mother based on the Bible and the truths of the Catholic Church. It is a three day retreat which includes 12 talks and is conducted as a resident retreat at one of our centres.

This retreat helps in facing the various challenges directed at the Catholic teachings on the Blessed Mother and the Sacraments. It is also possible to present this retreat as a series of teachings on Marian Devotions. It is a special characteristic that the teachings presented at the retreat is based on experiences. The following features of the Pubuduwa Mariology is focussed on: 'Silence' 'openness' – (to the Word of God), 'living in accordance with the Word', 'Bearing up', 'Development', 'Sharing', and 'emptying' as a consequence of infilling with the Holy Spirit. The doors are unlocked to make way for a deep understanding of the Great Sacrament that is Jesus Christ and the Seven Sacraments.