Kithu Dana Pubuduwa

The Vision and Mission


The Kithu Dana Pubuduwa is an apostolate of renewal which commits to the vision of the church revealed through the II Vatican Council. It’s a renewal which touches the biblical, catechetical, liturgical, socio-cultural and inter-religious aspects of people inclusive of Lay families, youth, students, children, religious and clergy.

It’s a Holy Spirit-led journey or a Holy Spirit movement. The Kithu Dana Pubuduwa can be described as a movement, and consists of 6 facets. The Kithu Dana Pubuduwa is motivated within and through these facets.

  • •  Kithu Dana Pubuduwa is a Prayer movement.
  • •  Kithu Dana Pubuduwa is a movement of the Word of God.
  • •  Kithu Dana Pubuduwa is a Marian movement.
  • •  Kithu Dana Pubuduwa is a movement of the Holy Spirit.
  • •  Kithu Dana Pubuduwa is a Lay movement.
  • •  Kithu Dana Pubuduwa is concurrently an Apostolic and Contemplative movement.


The Vision of the Kithu Dana Pubuduwa is the vision of Christianity. That is to gather all people under the Lordship of Jesus Christ for the Praise and Glory of God. As Jesus Glorified God in every instance, we too Glorify and Praise God in all that we do. (Ephesians 1:17-12)

For this Mission God is calling us through 4 experiences. These are the 4 experiences of the Kithu Dana Pubudu Charism. The charism of the Kithu Dana Pubuduwa can be described as the uniqueness of the Kithu Dana Pubudu spirituality.

The 4 experiences of Kithu Dana Pubudu Charism are;

  • 1.  Entering into the experience of emptying of self of the Blessed Mother and being filled with the Holy Spirit
  • 2.  Gaze at the Divine Sonship of our Lord Jesus Christ
  • 3.  Gaze at my sonship
  • 4.  Gazing at the mysterious presence of the Father

Within the spirituality of Kithu Dana Pubuduwa the Kithu Dana Pubudu vision or the Christian vision is realized through 3 steps, which are the Experience, nourishment, and providing the environment.


The first step in this journey is to encounter the risen Lord Jesus Christ. It is a very powerful experience. It is the beginning of the renewal journey. This experience is not limited to a single experience. It is an ongoing experience that will grow throughout the life-time.


The baptism of the Holy Spirit, which is received through encountering the risen Lord Jesus, will start the spiritual nourishment. The eight initiation talks, the repentance service and the commitment service will ignite the thirst for the following within the person,

  • •  The thirst for Praise and Worship.
  • •  The thirst to pray.
  • •  The thirst to read the Bible.
  • •  The thirst to evangelize.

The programs of nourishment are;

  • 1.  Four Follow-up talks of guidance.
  • 2.  Ceremony to Experience the gifts of the Holy Spirit
  • 3.  School of Prayer
  • 4.  Inner Healing Retreat
  • 5.  Bible retreat
  • 6.  Retreat on the Blessed Mother and the sacraments
  • 7.  Pascal seminar
  • 8.  Christmas seminar
  • 9.  Self-revelation seminar (The Enneagram)
  • 10.  Retreat on The Pubudu Journey-2.
  • 11.  Teachings on the Contemplative prayer
  • 12.  Seminars on the Christian social vision and other programs on social justice in the current socio-political climate; and retreats, seminars and other teachings focused on the relevant sections such as Families, Youth, Students and children.


An environment or an encouraging atmosphere is needed to live the experience and the nourishment received. This environment is provided in and through The Discipleship Community. There are Praise meetings and small community group meetings within the discipleship community. Community life is an important and essential environment in the Kithu Dana Pubuduwa journey. Community life is the environment where the vision of the Kithu Dana Pubuduwa is constantly alive.


Kithu Dana Pubuduwa engages in its mission to renew the Catholic church in Sri Lanka while embracing the local culture and its simple way of life. It also opposes the throwaway culture of high consumerism in the society. To engage in this mission Kithu Dana Pubuduwa strive towards 6 goals or targets.

  • 1.  Renewing of the enabling of growth of personal spirituality
    • a.   Renunciation of sinful and harmful practices or habits.
    • b.   Gaining knowledge and understanding of the Faith, Hope and Love of God as ABBA Father and Mother.
    • c.   Renewed understanding of the Bible and divine worship.
  • 2.   The building up of Community Life
    • a.   Healing interpersonal relationships
  • 3.   Evangelization
    • a.   Introducing the Risen Lord Jesus Christ or spreading the Good News (Gospel)
  • 4.   Being awakened and striving for divine justice
    • a.   Working towards social justice and committing to change corrupt social structures.
  • 5.   Becoming poor to uplift the poor and join with them in their struggle.
    • a.   Being accustomed to a simple way of life according to the culture and customs of the nation.
  • 6.   All religions Solidarity alliance
    • a.   Striving to build the country by recognizing the Spiritual values found within the core values of other religions.
  • 7.   Journeying in accordance with the experience revealed in the theme of the annual Pentecost rally.

Thus through all this a small group of Christians in the Parish becoming a center of exemplary parish life