Kithu Dana Pubuduwa Flag

After the creation of the Kithu Dana Pubudu theme song and the logo, there was a need for a flag symbolizing Kithu Dana Pubuduwa, and Keerthi Kularatna, who accepted the challenge to design, thus, created the Pubudu flag.

The flag is adorned with a yellow triangular Pubuduwa logo and a white stripe on a metallic red background.

The colour of blood symbolizes the Sacred Blood that was shed on the cross. Also, remembering the background of the Sri Lankan flag and the resembling of the Kithu Dana Pubuduwa which got incarnated in the motherland. It symbolizes that it is a Catholic movement.

Symbolizing the "the colour of blood as the colour of the Liberation of the oppressed poor people", the background colour of the Kithu Dana Pubuduwa flag is adorned with the colour of blood, It further reminds us, Kithu Dana Pubuduwa’s radical option for the poor and the oppressed, by embracing the voluntary poverty, being involved with the lives of the people in the nation.

The yellow represents the spirituality of the Asian people and same as the Pontifical colour the primary colour, and yellow also as the colour of the lion in the Sri Lankan flag. Additionally, it is also the primary colour of identity of Hinduism and Buddhism. On the flag, the Kithu Dana Pubuduwa logo is depicted in yellow. The white colour strip represents purity and the quality of emptiness and renunciation and the fullness within the Blessed mother. Also, the indivisible relationship between the Blessed mother and Kithu Dana Pubuduwa is depicted by the yellow colour.